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The Pattaya Links Golf Society is Pattaya's oldest golf society and ranks as one of the most popular golf groups in Pattaya with competitions arranged three times each week. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we play competitions which are stableford based, in two or more flights, according to the handicaps of those involved. In addition we hold occasional weekend and "special" golf events each month and the Society's annual Player of the Year is thus chosen. Members comprise of long term residents and holidaymakers alike, and all are welcome, regardless of gender, age or handicap. Every month we play a selection of the twenty-plus unique courses available in the area.

In March 2017 the PGS merged with the Links Golf Society and became potentially one of the largest golf groups in Pattaya - the Pattaya Links Golf Society.


The PLGS "clubhouse" is The Links Hotel & Bar, situated in Soi Buakhao, to the south, near the market. It is the home of the Pattaya Links Golf Society.

Visiting Groups

The PLGS is pleased to welcome visiting golf groups/societies from anywhere in the world and our experienced organisers will create an appropriate golf programme, including airport transfers, golf course discounts, even accomodation, for the group's stay in Pattaya, What could be easier?


In 2018, the Pattaya Links Golf Society had 589 members playing 4432 competition rounds, generating more than eleven million baht (more than £270,000) for the local golf "industry".

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PLGS Tournaments

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33 different nationalities have been represented so far in PLGS competitions.


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Pattaya, the City of Excess, but surely twice a week is too much to expect!

Not in golf, however, as we saw the PLGS' second hole-in-one in five days! On Friday at Khao Kheow Scotsman Laurie McBride aced his tee shot on the tough 150 yard C3, using a six iron to avoid the lateral bunker to make the hole. Congratulations Laurie, on your maiden hole-in-one, after forty years of trying!


Latest News

Now that we are in High Season (allegedly) it's appropriate that we remind all golfers wishing to sign up for competitions that the only golf we arrange is just that - competition golf. Anyone wishing to play a casual/social round is reminded that there are three or four groups in Pattaya who do just that. PLGS does not. We don't want to disappoint golfers and we are sure you'll agree that we do not want a NC golfer to take the place of a golfer who wishes to compete when lists are limited. Thanks for your patience.

Tournament Rules

These are available here. Copies are also available in the bar. Without them being adhered to golf will not be equitable or enjoyable. Please take the time to read them.





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